will grow student achievement and success by authorizing quality charter schools and monitoring their performance for sustainable results.

Our vision: The Minnesota Guild will be a national model for charter school authorizers by advancing the original vision of the charter school model, in which teachers are professionally organized and work to create innovative and research-based schools that rely on teacher expertise to identify and use effective teaching strategies, promote engaged student learning, create educational autonomy, ensure effective organization and develop shared management.

 The Guild will promote educational innovation in Minnesota schools and, in turn, improve the overall achievement of students by advocating for and creating a systemic approach to charter school approval, formation, development and operation that promotes in-depth accountability for student success.  The Guild will authorize and monitor charter schools in accordance with Minnesota Statute 124.D.10, which governs the duties and responsibilities of charter school authorizers.  Authorization by the Guild will encompass a variety of school types, populations served, educational programs and professional organizational models in Minnesota, with a specific interest in schools that serve students most affected by the achievement gap and low graduation rates.

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