Vision: The Guild advances the original vision of the charter school model, in which teachers have the choice to professionally organize and work to create innovative, research-based schools that rely on teacher expertise to identify and use effective teaching strategies, promote engaged student learning, create professional autonomy, and ensure effective, shared responsibility for outcomes.

Mission: As a single purpose authorizer, the Guild will improve the educational achievement of Minnesota students by advocating a systemic approach to charter school formation and operation that promotes stakeholder accountability, autonomy, and competence. The Guild authorizes and monitors charter schools in accordance with Minnesota Statutes section 124E. The Guild’s charter school portfolio encompasses a variety of school types and populations served by educational programs in Minnesota, with a specific interest in schools that serve students most affected by the achievement gap and low graduation rates.

Guild Priority: Teacher-Powered Schools

As a single-purpose charter school authorizer under Minnesota Statutes, section 124E.05, the Minnesota Guild may not limit its authorizing decisions to any single curriculum, learning program, or method. However, the Guild is committed to growing a portfolio of high-quality, innovate charter schools that promote, establish, and expand teacher-powered models and autonomies.

The teacher-powered model includes 15 areas that provide teachers autonomy to make decisions impacting school and student success. These areas of autonomy include charter school board governance, making all decisions about the school’s learning program, choosing the process and methods for teacher evaluation, and managing the allocation of the school’s financial resources. Charter schools may implement one, or many, areas of autonomy to be considered a teacher-powered school. Visit the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative web page for additional information and resources.

Additionally, the Guild seeks to promote and is especially interested in authorizing new charter schools that address the additional statutory purpose (Minnesota Statutes, section 124E.01, subdivision 1(5)), “create new professional opportunities for teachers, including the opportunity to be responsible for the learning program at the school site.” Finally, the Guild’s new charter school application is aligned with the priorities, criteria, and requirements of Minnesota’s Federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) grant project.